Introducing Helix Pathogenicity

State of the art pathogenicity predictions.

Best in class Pathogenicity Predictions

Outperforms all competitors, without any tricks1. Available for all clinically relevant genes.

Helix Pathogenicity performance bar graph
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[1] Tested on an independent set of genes, not overlapping with any training dataset.

Insight with high quality 3DM data

Get access to the best protein data available, made possible by Bio-Prodict 3DM. Augment artificial intelligence with human insight by examining variant specific information.

  • Structural data
  • Alignment data
  • Literature data
  • Gene data
3DM + Helix
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Report image
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Transparent decision making with Helix Pathogenicity reports.

Get detailed information about variants predictions. Decompose predictions into causal factors and analyses from different models.

  • Certainty estimates
  • In depth feature statistics
  • Literature data
  • Structural illustrations

Solid integration

It is fast and easy. Make use of our top-grade tooling to integrate Helix Pathogenicity into your workflow.

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